Payment methods

As a payment option we offer prepayment (transfer) as well as PayPal , Klarna, American Express, Credit Card, Apple Pay & Amazon Express checkout.

If you have chosen the payment method “prepayment”, you will be shown our bank details after completing the order. Please transfer the total amount as soon as possible, stating the order number.

We are a verified merchant at Paypal. PayPal is an online payment service where you pay with just two clicks and are also secured. With PayPal, purchases are automatically protected – and in unlimited amounts. The PayPal account and pay with PayPal is free for buyers. If you choose this payment method, you will be automatically redirected to the Paypal login page. There you can use your existing PayPal account or open a new account with PayPal.

By placing your order, you will send us your credit card details at the same time. The payment transaction is automatically executed by the credit card company and your card is debited.

With this online payment system, you can pay for your purchase immediately by direct transfer. You will immediately receive the payment confirmation and thus also your order by post.

Amazon Pay makes shopping at Frida Grey even easier, as you can quickly complete the check-out process on our website with the information already stored in your Amazon account. To do this, log in with your Amazon account credentials and choose from the payment and delivery information stored in your Amazon account. Your payment information will remain with Amazon. If you pay with Amazon Pay, you are covered by the A-to-Z guarantee.

With Apple Pay, you can shop in our webshop very quickly and easily, because you pay via iPhone and Co.:

Online, apple pay doesn’t require you to fill out forms or create a customer account when shopping with your iPhone or iPad. After you have stored your credit information once via your wallet app, simply select Apple Pay as your payment method during the checkout process. Afterwards, you confirm the payment effortlessly and securely via Face ID or Touch ID. On your MacBook Pro, you’re confirming your purchase using Touch ID on the Touch Bar. Use a MacBook or Mac without a Touch Bar, adopt the ID process for iPhone or Apple Watch. Please note that all devices use the same iCloud accounts and you must first activate payment on your MacBook or Mac in your Wallet app.

Please refer tothe information about compatible devices .


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